Money Is Calling Business Cash Work Size: XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,3XL,4XL,5XL

Flaunt your entrepreneurial skills courtesy of this t shirt featuring a lucrative message that says 'Money Is Calling'. Gifts for new CEOs, hustlers, money makers, startup owners, tee perfectly celebrates the success of a thriving business.


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Routledge The Business Guide to Sustainability

First edition: Winner of Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Titles for 2007 Sustainability promises both reduced environmental impacts real cash savings any organization be it a business, non profit NGO or government department. This


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Harvard University Press Waste of a Nation

In India, you can still find the kabaadiwala, rag and bone man. He wanders from house to buying old newspapers, broken utensils, plastic bottles anything for which he get a little cash. This custom persists recreates its


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Elsevier Nursing Key Topics Review: Pediatrics

Study efficiently with Nursing Key Topics Review: Pediatrics! This quick review and accompanying mobile web app focus on the most critical, practical, relevant maternal nursing information to prepare you success on course


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SAGE Publications Ltd Person centred and Experiential Therapies

An essential new guide for any person centred trainee or practitioner, this book explores some of the key contemporary counselling and psychotherapy approaches that have developed from classical client therapy. Part One discusses five


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Springer Ergonomics in Caring for People

This volume comprises select proceedings of the International Conference on Humanizing Work and Environment organized by Indian Society of Ergonomics. The book presents research findings on different areas of ergonomics for developing app


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Springer Eyeblink Classical Conditioning Volume 2

Classical conditioning of the nictitating membrane (NM) eyeblink response in rabbits is a useful model system for study of neurobiology of learning and memory. This paradigm that is so well described on a biological level has also been app


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Academic Press Human Modeling for Bio Inspired Robotics

Human Modelling for Bio inspired Robotics: Mechanical Engineering in Assistive Technologies presents the most cutting edge research outcomes in area of mechanical and control aspects of human functions macro scale (human size) app


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Oxford University Press Family Caps, Abortion and Women of Color

Fifteen years ago, New Jersey became the first of over twenty states to introduce family cap, a welfare reform policy that reduces or eliminates cash benefits unmarried women on public assistance who become pregnant. The caps have lowered


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Palgrave Macmillan Planning and the Case Study Method in Africa

This book addresses the relevance of case study research methodology for enhancing urban planning and education in Africa global South. It provides an introduction to features examples of its app


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